10 reasons to buy from us

No transfer duty

The biggest advantage to buying off-plan through Karma Properties is that you don’t pay transfer duty. Property tax is incorporated into the sale price in the form of VAT. In other words, the price you are given is the total you are required to pay. While you are required to pay a 10% deposit when you sign the deed of sale, there are no further payments until transfer.

Delayed bond repayments

Buying off-plan also means that you acquire property at today’s prices but pay for it only on completion of the construction phase. Commencement to construction completion is typically 18 to 24 months. In other words, bond repayments are delayed, which provides you, as investor, with adequate time to adjust cash flows and budgets.

Capital appreciation

Invariably, during construction the value of your property investment will increase. From the time you sign the deed of sale until construction is complete, you benefit from capital growth calculated at over 20% per annum in Cape Town’s southern suburbs.

Brand new home

The end product is a defect-free home with no hidden flaws and no immediate maintenance requirements. Given that the building and all its fixtures are brand new, customary repairs and maintenance are delayed for some time to come. Standard guarantees and manufacturer warranties apply to all aspects of the building.

Excellent returns

All investors who have bought and sold a Karma property have benefited from an outstanding return on investment.

Lifestyle design and innovation

We work with top architects, landscapers and interior designers to ensure your property is constructed using the latest materials and construction technology. This means increased investment longevity.

Location, position, accessibility

We search for and select locations in strategically desirable areas in Cape Town, with a view to building contemporary, aspirational, yet attainable living spaces.

Stringent quality control

Well recognised for our attention to quality and detail, each of our developments is constructed and finished to best-in-industry standards, including high-end kitchen and bathroom finishes. Before handover, every apartment is subjected to a stringent quality-control examination. You are involved with onsite inspections throughout the process so the handover phase is generally snag free.

Sophisticated security with safe parking

Planning with investor and occupier in mind, our planning phase takes into account high level security and safe parking for residents. This typically includes camera surveillance, high volt electric fencing, a remote controlled gate and access point, pedestrian intercom identification and a panic button linked to armed response.

Reduced risk

When buying a property from Karma Properties, you deal with a developer with high integrity and a reputation for successful projects. We will proudly present references on request.